This is the artwork for a concept I am working to promote positive Patriot Imagery. Advertisements

Ever wonder why the moon looks like a desert of battered concrete dust? Wonder no more…

This system just out as I came to be struggling with Lucid entry into Astral dreamstates.  More on this later.

How can they object? By extreme cognitive dissonance and money, in fact. There is no excuse for the incongruities that surround us other than shear stupidness – that is paid for. Corrupt that is. If there is a Matrix it is this: Mafia World. Try to follow the logic of Federal government policy from the […]

LightWarriors – are they born or made?  In my case it was certainly both.  From my earliest memories I can see my young self engaged in fantasies of healing and adventure and undertaking real world actions to that end.  I have always cooked knowing that it was a elemental form of service to others.  When […]